About TIP

My love of reading stories fed into my longing to write stories.

As a writer, you want something you write to be unique; you don't want to rewrite the same plot over again with the same types of characters. I've always pondered how many scenarios/plots/characters could be created before writers have run out of material.

Always in awe of the unique, I began to realize my love for people, and listening to people speak

I love listening to people talk because I enjoy getting to know someone that is different from me or different from people that I'm familiar with. I especially love the first several conversations you have with someone new; friendships and relationships have to begin somewhere, and talking about one's self is the best way to understand who they are.

Living on Tybee Island and working for my family's bike rental business out of our home, I've encountered people from all sorts of different backgrounds, both locals and visitors alike, and every time I meet someone new, I think to myself, I wonder what their story is?

I believe that each individual's story makes up the personality and reputation of Tybee Island - a full reflection of who we are as a whole community. This website full of photographs and interviews from people I've come in contact with on Tybee whom I found particularly interesting. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed getting to know them. 

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