This is a space for you to get to know everyday people who are living, working, and visiting Tybee Island!

I have always loved that each individual has a unique story to tell, and I want to display snapshots of those whom we may see or come in contact with, but don't really think to get to know. We may know them as the woman who works at the post office, the man who lives across the street, or the visitors riding their bikes near the campground. No matter who they are, each person has a story to tell.

In each interview, the interviewee will give me a new question to ask the next person I interview, so there will be new, fun questions to ask each time!

I hope you enjoy getting to know the familiar and unfamiliar faces of Tybee!

- Mishy Russell

P.S. To read the latest Tybee Island Profile Post, click the link below!

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